Dr. Patrick Ufuoma Ofolu
Dr. Patrick Ofolu, A consultant in Emerging Markets, business facilitation & business relationship management.  His academic pro-efficiency cuts across Politics & Int’l Diplomacy, management of Innovation & Technology. He has a diverse work experience in various sectors, B2B & Business Evolution processes.

Comrade Sunny Ofehe
Sunny Ofehe is an environmental and human rights activist from the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, he’s also the founder of the NGO called Hope For Niger Delta with headquarter in Rotterdam | A graduate of Engineering.

Toyin Elebe
Mr. Toyin Elebe is a graduate of marketing and has many years of experience in the banking industry, digital and international marketing space. He’s also a recruitment expert having set up recruitment firms across Europe and passionate about driving new processes to create employment opportunities and marketing processes to drive new opportunities.

Godwin Babudoh
A business development specialist and a consultant of Niger Delta origin based in the United Kingdom. He’s been involved in many tech-related startups, new business concepts, brand creations, marketing innovations, and very passionate to bring development to the various set sectors of the Niger Delta regions. A graduate of Business Administration with Marketing, International Business Negotiator, New business development experts.

Gbenga Uwadia
Mr. Gbenga Uwadia is an IT expert and a certified Business Analyst with extensive experience within the IT industry across Europe, he’s been involved in key driving projects with major corporations and has experience in strategies, new business development, implementation.

Alex Babudoh
Mr. Alex Babudoh is a qualified legal and criminal justice practitioner with extensive experience in legal structure framework, criminal justice processes, strategy formulation, planning, and development process.

Rotimi Uwadia
Mr. Rotimi Uwadia is a certified Project Manager and Business Analyst in the financial industry across Europe and passionate about driving new opportunities and has been involved in new development projects and has successfully managed big budgets across various projects capacities for fortune 500 companies.

Ife Akinyosade
Mr. Akinyosade is a media strategist and integrity screening technology, vehicle, and home expert. His work experience span many industries and sectors, committed and passionate about ICT, Digital process, and Security.

Kola Elebe
Mr. Elebe is an engineer with many years of working experience in the engineering and IT industry.  Held key position with the government and private sector as an IT and engineering expertise.

Uche Eke
Mr. Uche Eke is a graduate of engineering focusing on machine learning, programming languages, web architecture, mobile applications, artificial intelligence, and passionate about bringing technology integration to the developing environment.